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Vision Statement 


At STRATEGIC BUSINESS & TAX SERVICES /iQ Corporation & Business Services our goal is to continue building long-term alliances while maintaining great customer service, trust and confidence in our brand. Our clients are our most valuable resource and we understand partnering with them is key to maintaining our long-term relationships.  


Mission Statement 

STRATEGIC BUSINESS & TAX SERVICE's /iQ Corporation & Business Services mission is continued growth in the Eastern Shore and throughout the nation by building clientele known for their work in the business financial field. 

Our team of professionals will support individuals, businesses and companies reach their financial goals by assisting in behind-the-scenes work including book keeping, pay roll, taxation, financial planning and more. 

STRATEGIC BUSINESS & TAX SERVICES /iQ Corporation & Business Services is only successful when our clients are successful. 



Who We Are 

Building Customer Service 

Our relationships forge from interchanging with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and other organizations to deliver on our commitment to total customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive public image. 

As we continue to grow our business, we understand our fundamental aspiration and objectives to reach those goals. We achieve this by making our goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time savvy. 

This means we pride ourselves in working with our clients through a best practice engagement model premised on client success through assigned resources, setting expectations, and measuring success through proactive focus on optimizing the services of STRATEGIC BUSINESS & TAX SERVICES /iQ Corporation & Business Services



Because our employees are the heartbeat of our brand, we provide a professional and safe environment that promotes effective team work by treating each with respect, recognition and support.  We create clear lines of communication which in turn provides the setting to cultivate loyalty and motivation while balancing between commitment to both the workplace and family demands.  Furthermore, to ensure continuity and growth, our employees' effort are promptly recognized and rewarded. 



When choosing our products, our goal is strategic. We build long-term relationships with suppliers committed to short lead-times, on-time deliveries, commitment to continuous improvement, as well as competitive pricing. We focus on partnering with businesses that have long-term strategic importance and are at the top of their industries.  Our Business to Business (B2B) companies are highly rated and can always be found online or through the Better Business Bureau. 



Continuously exploit technology to analyze and reevaluate effectiveness and efficiencies of our brand, through state of the art software programs, digital storage, viable web presence, strategic advertising and tech savvy employees. 


Increase Market Share 

Sustained profitability is key to our success. For continued growth and value-enhancement opportunities, we strive for advantageous return on investments by providing competitive prices and services to increase our market share and attract new customers.  We also will provide complimentary workshops that will focus on tax savings, retirement, child education funding and more. 


Social Responsibility 

Our company has a responsibility to deliver a positive impact to our communities. For this reason, we deeply embrace a model of corporate citizenship by giving back to our community through weekly soup kitchens, local and global outreaches to poverty stricken areas, and donating proceeds to outreach organizations and churches in the local community. 

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